A Magical Bag that turns into
a Study Table!

DESKIT is a unique lightweight school bag. It comes with a portable study table that has an ergonomic and foldable design. The table is adjustable up to two heights and offers a comfortable sitting posture to avoid postural deformities at a younger age. What’s more? It is detachable and can be used separately from the bag!

More Than Just a Bag

Proven IMPACT of DESKIT on Students

Sitting Posture

Due to a better sitting posture and viewing angle while studying, they are able to focus better on their studies.

Learning Level

Their learning level increases by 15 – 20% due to better concentration and a comfortable sitting posture.


Their handwriting improves due to using a proper study table, earning them appreciation and better marks from teachers.

Learning Space

As they get a personal learning space at school and home, they feel a sense of ownership, which positively impacts their studies.

Why say NO to Heavy Furniture and YES to Deskit?

Lack Of Space

Many small-profit schools offer classes in make-shift classrooms and cannot accommodate permanent and expensive furniture in their limited spaces.

Makeshift Classroom

Several non-profits provide afterschool classes in
makeshift classrooms.