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Key Problem.

Underprivileged students are often deprived of even primary infrastructure like tables in schools and homes! So they are forced to use the floor to support their reading and writing. This leads to discomfort and various posture problems, as well as discourages effective learning.

DESKIT Bag Cum Study Table!

A learning aid for children that allows them to convert ‘any space’ into a ‘study space’. The innovative table improves the students’ interest levels in studies and helps them give their best. 

Want To Distribute DESKIT Bags To Needy Children In Your Community?

Our DESKIT bags for kids offer high quality, comfort and durability. Your kind gesture will help remove the discomfort that children face due to bad posture enabling them to focus better on their studies. It will improve their motivation to attend school regularly, learn, and excel.

What Our Partners Say

Vijay Jadhav
    Vijay Jadhav

    Founder, Samatol Foundation

    “No matter how online the learning is, learning through action is the perfect learning for children who live at the station, on the street who have not climbed the steps of the school. They are developing a love of learning. The Samatol Foundation is sitting around farms and conducting the actual classes due to the DESKITs which is a great experience and a successful experiment. Even if one of my children learns successfully, I am creating a competent citizen and maintaining social balance in the society.”

    Surmai Kaushik
      Surmai Kaushik

      CSR Head, Susten by Mahindra

      “Very good product. Sturdy and really an innovative solution to a very complex and prevalent problem. Good job folks!”

      Ranjan Anand
        Ranjan Anand

        CSR Head, Usha Martin

        “Very good product and as well as quality of DESKIT bag supply by PROSOC Innovators Pvt Ltd.”

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