A bag convertible
into a study table.

DESKIT is  a  unique  combo  of  a  lightweight  school  bag  and  an  ergonomic, fold-able, lightweight, portable and detachable study table. The table can also be adjusted at two heights to maintain coamfortable sitting posture in order to avoid postural deformities in younger age. The detached table can be used separately from the bag.

More Than Just a Bag

Water Proof

Comfortable to Wear

Detachable Bag
& Tab

Strong & Light

Available in
All Colours

Bottle Holder
& Utility Space

Age Group Based Design


Adjustable Table

Durable for
20 Months

Aesthetically Appealing

New Version with LED Lamp

Proven IMPACT of DESKIT on Students

Students will have<strong> </strong>better sitting posture and viewing angle<strong> </strong>while studying. 

The<strong> </strong>learning level among students can increase by 15-20% as they will be able to concentrate better when they are able to sit properly.

With a proper study table to use, children’s handwriting will improve.

DESKIT will act as a child’s personal learning space both at school and at home, instilling a sense of ownership in them.

Students will be motivated to attend school and study. Attendance level can increase by 5-10%stilling a sense of ownership in them.