A School Bag Convertible Into
a Study Table!

DESKIT has a proven and tested durability of more than two academic years. It can be easily carried to school and children can also use them at home. It has

Desk: Detachable study table that can be adjusted at 2 heights

Books Space: A big pocket for books

Stationery Pouch: A separate pocket to keep stationery items

Bottle Pouch: A separate pocket to keep water bottle

More Than Just a Bag

Proven IMPACT of DESKIT on Students

Sitting Posture

Due to a better sitting posture and viewing angle while studying, they are able to focus better on their studies.

Learning Level

Their learning level increases by 15 – 20% due to better concentration and a comfortable sitting posture.


Their handwriting improves due to using a proper study table, earning them appreciation and better marks from teachers.

Learning Space

As they get a personal learning space at school and home, they feel a sense of ownership, which positively impacts their studies.

Why say NO to Heavy Furniture and YES to Deskit?

Lack Of Space

Many small government schools and low income private schools do not have enough space for big heavy furniture.

Makeshift Classroom

After school community classes by NGOs are often held in make-shift classrooms. They cannot afford expensive furniture.