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Even today, 40 million students in the age group of 6-14 in India lack basic infrastructural facilities like tables and chairs in schools. Sitting for long hours with hunched back has a major negative effect on child’s health where both back and eye get strained and also results in poor handwriting.

To solve the issues of these poor children, PROSOC has designed an innovative product called DESKIT. It is a writing companion with detachable study table for students which can lead to comfortable writing, good body posture, proper eyesight and other health benefits.

Salient features of DESKIT

DESKIT is a school bag which has attached study table in it. With the help of DESKIT, students can sit in a good posture while studying and can write in a comfortable manner. DESKIT also improves health by supporting good angle while studying which can reduce harm to the eyesight. DESKIT motivates children to attend school sincerely and regularly.


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