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Success Story

PROSOC has taken DESKIT to more than 17000 students across 10 different states in India.

The feedback from students, teachers and parents has been overwhelming! 

Through sustained efforts PROSOC aims to take DESKIT to more than 30 million students across India and beyond!

Student Beneficiaries
Employment Created

Supply Side Impact

DESKIT also has a supply-side impact where local women in Kanpur and Hardoi are being trained to stitch DESKIT school bags. Our efforts are in progress to create employment for numerous women from weaker sections of the society and thereby create a steady source of livelihood for them. The more number of DESKITs being produced results in creating more job opportunities.


I had a great experience working with PROSOC. The products received are being very well utilised by the children.

Deepshikha Chhetri, India Fellow

My experience with PROSOC was excellent and I believe that PROSOC will touch new heights in serving the society.

Surendra Tripathi, Lohia Corp Limited

The quality of product is very nice and durable.

Shubhendru Pandey, Sarthak Foundation

Very good product. Sturdy and really an innovative solution to a very complex and prevalent problem. Good job folks!

Surmai Kaushik, Mahindra Susten Pvt. Ltd

Very good product and as well as quality of DESKIT bag supply by PROSOC Innovators Pvt Ltd.

Ranjan Anand, Usha Martin Ltd.

My experience with PROSOC has been really good. They understood our motives very well and facilitated us in many ways, I have very high regards for the work they have been doing and will do in the future. The DESKITS procured from them are serving the purpose really well, I wish them all the luck in the world for all their future endeavours

Tanumaya Tiwari, Team Udayan


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